Tuesday, February 14

Full Cast List for The Phantom of the Opera Tour

The Phantom of the Opera is going on tour next year starting at the Theatre Royal Plymouth in February 2012 extending into 2013. The role of the Phantom will be played by John Owen-Jones and  Earl Carpenter with Simon Bailey as Raoul and Katie Hall playing Christine.

Other cast members include Angela M Caesar/Carlotta: Andy Hockley/Monsieur Firmin: Simon Green/Monsieur Andre: Elizabeth Marsh/Madame Giry: Vincent Pirillo/Ubaldo Piangi and Olivia Brereton as Christine at certain performances.

They will be joined by Alistair Barron, Rosie Bell, James Bisp, Greg Castiglioni, Cindy Corinne Ciunfrini, Caroline Crawley, Rachel Crocker, Michael Diana, Liesl Dowsett, A C Garcia, Hannah Grace, Henry Grant Kerswell, Sam Harrison, Sophie Hartley, Kirk Jameson, Sarah Joyce, Lauren Lotz, Lee Ormsby, Siani Owen, David Phipps-Davis, Claire Platt, James Pullum, Leigh Rhianon Coggins, Emma Roberts-Simms, Ben Sleep and Richard Woodford.

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