Friday, February 24

Olympic Games put back Sheridan Smith's Bridget Jones Musical Opening

Sheridan Smith is currently in Manchester (and shortly to go to Australia) sporting a new red hairdo while filming five hour-long episodes for ITV drama Mrs Biggs which tells the story of Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs first wife Charmian who fled to Australia with him to escape British justice.

Sheridan’s mum, Marilyn, told her local newspaper that the ITV production and her daughter’s casting in the lead role was done with the blessing of Charmian who still lives in Australia saying “She’s excited that she’s got the part, it was a much sought-after role by many actresses. The wife still lives in Australia and Charmian approves of Sheridan playing her.”

Marilyn also added that Sheridan’s lead role in Bridget Jones The Musical has been postponed while the show’s producer, Stephen Daldry works on the London Olympic Games opening ceremony. She said: “It’s been put back a few months but Sheridan’s definitely playing Bridget.” So it now looks pretty definite that the show is opening will next year with the Savoy Theatre being the strongest contender.

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