Friday, March 23

Barry Manilow still recovering from major hip operation

Barry Manilow had to cancel some shows at the start of his concert tour in the USA because of a hip operation taking longer to heal than expected, but he is now up and running and has kicked off in Illinois.

Manilow is now amazingly 69 years old and still recovering from a "major" operation to re-attach the muscles to his hip. In his first post-surgery interview Manilow spoke to Rolling Stone about his hip: "It's coming back slowly – too slowly for me. But I was able to get through six shows. As soon as I'd finish, the curtain would close and I'd fall back into a wheelchair and they'd wheel me back into a dressing room. I'm not ready to do this yet, but I did it. I got through it and I'm better than I was three weeks ago. Everybody thinks I had some sort of a hip replacement; that wasn't it. I had ripped the muscles off my hip on both sides and they had to pull them back and nail them back into my hips. So that kind of surgery, which was supposed to take two hours, took seven hours. It was major surgery and it's a long recovery period. I don't know how I got through those six (shows), but I just couldn't cancel it. These people were out there. They were so excited; I just had to go through this. They say when the spotlight hits you, you don't feel anything. I always thought that was full of shit, (but) it's true”.

The show he is travelling with and bringing to the UK opening at London’s 02 Arena in May and touring for 5 dates is the smallest he’s ever done with him at the piano accompanied by a small band.

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