Tuesday, March 27

John Owen-Jones New Album Unmasked

He is currently starring as the Phantom in the tour of Phantom of the Opera, and John Owen-Jones new album Unmasked is due for release on 16th April.  You can pre-order a copy here from Amazon for £7.97.

The 14 track listing is: Nature Boy: Thunder ball: This Is The Moment: The Music of the Night: Till I hear You Sing: All I ask Of You: Being Alive: I Don’t Remember You/Sometimes A Day Goes By: Down To The Sea: Somewhere: Without You: Love of My Life: Bring Him Home and Hallelujah


Anonymous said...

I love him and can't wait for the CD but why do we have The Music of the Night,Bring Him Home and Hallelujah again?I hope at least they are new recordings.But the rest of it looks pretty good.

Anonymous said...

At least those repeats could be classed as extras. Many cd albums these days only have 8 - 10 tracks & this has 14! It's bound to be good coming from John - he's a perfectionist.

Unknown said...

I am TOO excited for this. I agree with the above in that it is bound to be good! - Can't wait to see him in the Phantom Tour either!

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