Saturday, July 7

Jonathan Ansell on Superstar Tonight

Updated 19:55 7th July: As mentioned some time ago, Jonathan Ansell (who was once a member of X Factor G4 operatic boy band) took some time out when he was appearing in the musical A Tale of Two Cities to attend auditions to play the lead in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar.

G4 sold 1.5 million records and had five sell-out tours before splitting in 2007 when Jonathan went on to sign a £1million pound solo deal with Universal. He has appeared in the touring production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Whistle Down the Wind, performed several concerts and tours and is currently touring with Bohemian Rhapsody before going on to do panto at Sheffield over Christmas.

Which is  probably why he chose to sing Queen's “Somebody To Love” at his Superstar audition.  I have heard Jonathan sing this and the impossible Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar and with his classically trained voice he can really put these difficult numbers across,.

You can see his audition tonight on Superstar which launches on ITV1 at 7:25 pm when he says “I'm delighted to have got through and be here today. I hope all the panel can see I could be Jesus”  ALW called it a ''Stunning audition'' but there was a problem as he was signed to take part in another show (A Tale of Two Cities) with clashing dates. But the good news is that the director and producer Paul Nicholas agreed to release him for the dates he needed to be available for the Superstar selection process. 

Jonathan has a very loyal and large fan base so can certainly count on a lot of support if he is through to the final shows for the public to vote,

And he has been growing his hair for a more Jesus/rock look hopefully in readiness for the final shows ….?

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