Friday, July 13

Lee Mead off to LA

Lee Mead has revealed he asked for a judging role on Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's Superstar saying:, ''I put myself forward but the producers weren't too keen. I just thought it would have been quite nice as I've been through the process myself.''  But as things have turned out he wouldn't have been available anyway,

His new show West End Men opens in Jersey tomorrow night (Lee's 31st birthday) and then goes on a short tour to Guernsey, Guildford and then Scotland towards the end of the year.  

Lee is then heading to Los Angeles for three months in August to pursue a career in TV but will miss his wife Denise Van Outen and baby daughter Betsy saying: ''Thank God for Skype! I'll also fly back a couple of times and I'll be back for Christmas. Then I go back out again for pilot season at the start of next year.''

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