Tuesday, July 24

Superstar's Nathan James – Crown of Thorns Tweet

I was quite shocked last night when Nathan James was in the sing off and the Lord chose Roger to stay.  I was certain that the bottom two would be Roger and David, as Nathan has a fantastic voice but clearly there have been issues backstage about his over-confident behaviour if all the rumours are to be believed.

Even Gary Barlow who was waxing lyrical about the other four finalists being “great guys”, “lovely to work with” just described Nathan as “having a great voice and very confident”.

I could never understand why he never got through on The Voice so maybe his reputation preceded him there?

Lord Lloyd Webber was clearly very upset with him and it seems a drawing that one of Nathan’s fans did with him wearing a crown of thorns was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak.  The Lord seemed to be very angry that Nathan had retweeted the drawing (shown above).  He mentioned his arrogance again and then embarrassingly ranted about his tweeting. "Why do you tweet this nonsense?"causing an embarrassed silence and visibly upset Nathan who immediately went back on twitter to claim that Andrew clearly hated him (not a good move I would suggest).

Many of Nathan’s fans are saying that they could not get through on his phone line to vote for him last night and a leading theatre magazine described his demise as “stitched up like a kipper”.  But in a large show like Jesus Christ Superstar it is important that the company pulls together and hopefully Nathan now understands this.  When he had to do the sing off he looked visibly upset and humbled.

My favourite now to win is Ben closely followed by Rory.  I love Roger but just don’t think his voice is right for the part.  ALW has a habit of finding jobs for the contestants he likes to hopefully now that they have got this far their future in musical theatre is assured.  Nathan has a debut album out so this is certainly not the last we have heard of him.

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