Thursday, September 6

Preview of Jesus Christ Superstar on Jonathan Ross Show Tonight

Updated Saturday 8th September:

Guests on this tonight's Jonathan Ross Show include Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber with Jesus Christ Superstar cast members Tim Minchin (Judas), Mel C (pictured here as a very modern Mary Magdalene with dreadlocks, a leather jacket and boots) and Ben Forster (Jesus) performing an edited version of Everything’s Alright along with backing singing from the show’s Soul Girls.

The show airs on Saturday 8th September on ITV1 at 9:55pm.


Anonymous said...

Yes I saw that. They can't sing. It was shocking and embarrassing. He's a great piano player but singer no sorry.

Anonymous said...

Mel c your mothers a better sing than you and she's not good enough forth west end.

Anonymous said...

Why is it they put these poor singers in shows and the west end is full of amazing singers looking for work. I'd sooner see a good unknow than a poor singing star struggling through. Who are they kidding.

Anonymous said...

Mel c in a musical. It all about bums on seats and bums on stage. She's a singer? Singer Sowing machine sound a like.

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