Thursday, September 13

Update on Andrew Lloyd Webber New Stephen Ward/Profumo Affair Musical

Updated 19th December: Lord Lloyd Webber has told  The Globe and Mail today that his new musical on the Proumo Affair will reunite him with lyricist Don Black and playwright Christopher Hampton who were the team behind Sunset Boulevard.

On the Jonathon Ross Show last Saturday Andrew Lloyd Webber said he had just been at his home in Majorca working on a couple of songs for his new musical about the Profumo affair.

He also said that the difficult part was getting the structure together saying “It’s a matter of getting the shape, making it dramatically secure. One problem is how to handle the suicide.” and he has now told The Times that the show could explore a “terrible miscarriage of justice” involved in the case.

He expressed sympathy for Stephen Ward (pictured) who introduced Christine Keeler to John Profumo which led to a sensational political sex scandal. Ward was accused of living off immoral earnings and killed himself by taking an overdose of sleeping tablets.

Lloyd Webber said “He was a scapegoat. They had to find a crime to fit him. And since MI6 said there was no security risk, why is it a closed file till 2046?”

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