Friday, October 5

Cast for Dolly Parton's 9 to 5

The tour of 9 to 5 is currently in rehearsal and kicks off at Manchester Opera House on 12th October.

The full cast is Natalie Casey as Judy Bernly, Jackie Clune as Violet Newstead, Bonnie Langford as Roz Keith, Amy Lennox as Doralee Rhodes and Ben Richards as Franklin Hart.

They will be joined by Andrew Waldron, Ashley Andrews, Gemma Maclean, Hayley Ainsley, James Lacey, Lauren Stroud, Lisa Bridge, Lori Haley Fox, Mark Willshire, Marlon Moore, Nyroy Dixon, Persephone Fitzpatrick, Peter McPherson, Philip Bertioli, Sasi Strallen, Sinead Kenny and Tom Andrew Hargreaves.

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