Thursday, January 31

Full Cast for Tour of Cats

The new tour of Cats the Musical is currently in rehearsal and due to open at Edinburgh Playhouse on 9th February.

Below is the full cast list:  Joanna Ampil/Grizabella: Katie Warsop/Rumpleteazer: Clare Rickard/Jellylorum: Melissa James/Baombalurina: Lily Fraser/Demeter: Alice Redmond/Jennyanydots: Alicia Beck/Victoria/White Cat: Dawn Williams/Jemima: Nicholas Pound/Old Deutoronomy: Ben Palmer/Munkustrap: Oliver Savile/Rum Tum Tugger: Joseph Poulton/Quazo/Mistoffelees: Paul F Monaghan/ Asparagus/Bustopher Jones/Growl Tiger: Barnaby Thompson/Mungojerrie: Ross Finnie/Skimbleshanks: Jessica Buckby/Cassandra: Lizzi Franklin/Tantomile: Joal Morris/Carbucketty: Richard Astbury/Coricopat: Cameron Ball/Admetus/Macavity: James Darch/Alonzo and Will Lucas as Bill Baily

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