Tuesday, March 5

Full Cast for Tour of Ghost the Musical

The cast of the new tour of Ghost the Musical started rehearsals this week has jut been confirmed.

The part of Sam Wheat will be played by ex Loserville lead Stewart Clarke, Rebecca Trehearn is Molly: Wendy Mae Brown is Oda Mae Brown: David Roberts is Carl Bruner, Ivan de Freitas is Willy Lopez. Stevie Hutchinson is the Subway Ghost with the sisters Clara and Louise being  played by Karlene Wray and Keisha Atwell.

They will be joined by ensemble members Michael Cortez, Bradley Jaden, Luke Wilson, Gregor Stewart, Nick Hayes, Maeve Byrne, Amy West, Kimmy Edwards, Gabriela Garcia and Amy Webb with swings Livvy Evans, Michael Stewart, Robert Knight and Jaye Juliette Elster.

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