Wednesday, March 13

Latest on Andrew Lloyd Webber New Profumo Affair Musical

According to today's Evening Standard things are progressing on this new musical. The  project will reunite lyricist Don Black and playwright Christopher Hampton who were the team behind Andrew Lloyd Webber's 1993 Sunset Boulevard musical and last month a group of musical theatre actors including Alexander Hanson as Ward, Hal Fowler as Profumo, Iris Roberts  as Christine Keeler and Carly Bawden as Mandy Rice Davies. workshopped the score.

According to the Lord the politician John Profumo will only play only a minor role in the musical he is writing with his liaison with ex-showgirl Christine Keeler only taking up “about seven minutes of the narrative.”
The musical’s working title  is Stephen Ward (pictured) who is the a pimp who introduced Keeler to Profumo. 

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