Thursday, April 18

The Golden Voice New Musical at Arts Theatre

Updated 13th June: due to funding issues the opening of The Golden Voice has been  postponed until  26th July with previews starting on the 17th.  The show will now run until 31st August

Updated 29th April:  Just announced that Darren Day will play Mike Chariot .  Joining Darren will be Sebastian Torkia, Yvette Robinson, George Maguire, Natalie McQueen, Daniel Robinson, Nina French, Joe Sterling, Imogen Brooke, Patrick Burbridge, Sarah Goggin, Tom Newman, Jason Gray, Stephie Crocker, Joseph Claus.

The Golden Voice is a new musical which is running at the Arts Theatre in  Great Newport Street London and previews
but will now open on 26 July, with previews from 17 July. - See more at:
but will now open on 26 July, with previews from 17 July. - See more at:

It tells the story of ambitious singer Mike Chariot who betrays his best friend and abandons his childhood sweetheart to win the talent show The Golden Voice. But he quickly realises he is a cash cow for the record company and TV executives who abandon him when they have made their money - sound familiar!  Too famous to return to his old life he decides to disappear and is all but forgotten.

So fast forward by 20 years when a wiser Mike Chariot is back to make amends and help young singers and musicians achieve their dreams without entering television talent shows. This brings him back in contact with his former best friend Jim Ryan who now has the power to get his own back.

Nick Fogarty has written the book, lyrics and music and the show is directed by Guy Retallack. Casting to be announced shortly.

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