Friday, May 24

Simon Bowman starring in The Prodigals new musical

The Prodigals is a gritty new musical written by Ray Goudie and Joe Harmston  which began life at The Edinburgh Festival and is now running at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry from 30th August-14th September.

Directed by Joe Harmston it stars  Simon Bowman (Les Miserables, Phantom, Miss Saigon) as Colonel Luke Gibson who is proud to lead the Scottish regiment his family has served in for generations. The two sons he has brought up alone are now young men with Captain Mike Gibson battling to destroy opium poppy fields in Afghanistan while his brother Kyle fuels his band’s gigs with heroin.

When Kyle hits rock bottom, can he return home to the community he has insulted and rejected? How will his brother respond to his needs? Will Colonel Gibson balance his love for two such different sons with his responsibilities to all the soldiers under his command?

From its explosive choreographic opening on patrol in Helmand Province, through the comic absurdities of Kyle’s drug-induced hallucinations, The Prodigals drives this extraordinary tale on with stunning new music and dance and a script that challenges us to explore the toughest of emotional battlegrounds.

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