Wednesday, July 24

Geronimo Rauch taking over as Phantom

Updated 2nd August:  Geronimo will take over the role of The Phantom on 2nd September with Sean Palmer playing Raoul.

The departure of Geronimo Rauch from Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre on Saturday night with alternate Daniel Koek taking over the role full time (Christ Holland on Monday evenings)  has fuelled the rumour that has been circulating for some time that he is taking over the lead role in The Phantom of the Opera.

Argentinian actor Rauch has already said he is staying in the UK for the foreseeable future and is on holiday at the moment (doing one final show in LesMis at the evening performance on Wednesday 31st July). This fits in perfectly with the rehearsal scheule for the new Phantom cast which changes over on 2nd September. 

Will let you know when it is confirmed ...

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