Tuesday, August 6

Cast List for Into the Woods Movie

The credited cast list for the new Disney movie on the Sondheim/Lapine musical Into the Woods has now been released as follows:

Anna Kendrick/Cinderella: Johnny Depp/The Wolf:  Emily Blunt/The Baker's Wife: Chris Pine/Cinderella's Prince: Meryl Streep/The Witch: Lucy Punch/Lucinda: Christine Baranski/Cinderella's Stepmother: James Corden/The Baker: Mackenzie Mauzy/Rapunzel: Daniel Huttlestone/Jack: Tammy Blanchard/Florinda: Tracey Ullman/Jack's Mother, Sophie Grace Brownlee/Little Red Riding Hood and Billy Magnussen Rapunzel's Prince

Rehearsals started today with a release date for the film in the USA of 25th December 2014.  There is no UK date yet.

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