Thursday, August 22

Stage Door Radio to go ahead despite funding shortfall

The organisers of Stage Door Radio have sadly only managed to raise £3,706 towards the £145,000 target to support its launch.

Stage Door is a partnership between production company Wise Buddah and management company Mothership Management  and they estimate it will cost £145,000 to run the station for its first year and launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in June to try and raise the money.

They are still planning to start broadcasting later this year with presenters including Kerry Ellis, Ramin Karimloo, Mark Evans and Alex Gaumond.

Wise Buddah head of content Simon Willis said: “We’ve not hit the target for our Indiegogo campaign but that doesn’t make us feel the idea is any less credible and we remain committed to launching Stage Door. Throughout the process we’ve managed to connect with thousands of people who, like us, believe Stage Door is an amazing idea that needs to be on the air. Crowdfunding an idea like this was always going to be bold and ambitious, but we want to make a musical theatre radio station for fans of the genre, not for shareholders just wanting to make loads of money. 

There is a “plan B” that should enable the station’s launch, with details to be announced shortly.We say thanks to the 20,000-plus people who have contacted us during our crowd-funding initiative – we’ve appreciated all the support and stay tuned for more information."

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