Wednesday, November 20

Hannah Waddingham Appearing in New Series of Benidorm

Updated 17th December: New series of Benidorm returns to  ITV on  2nd  January at 9:00 pm. 
The comedy Benidorm is returning to ITV in the New Year with a new family joining the sixth series.

The Dykes are a family from Watford who arrive at the Solana Resort with Perry Benson playing Clive and Hannah Waddingham as his no-nonsense wife Tonya accomopanied by their two kids who are described as "young, single and looking for fun".

They will be joining regulars Steve Pemberton, Siobhan Finneran, Sheila Reid, Oliver Stokes, Sherrie Hewson, Kenny Ireland, Tim Healey and Jake Canuso with Nicholas Burns returning as Martin Weedon for the first time since series three.

Cameo guest appearances will include the return of Matthew Kelly as Cyril Babcock, Ken Morley as the head of a local hairdressing mafia, Philip Olivier as a sexy new barman, the Krankies and Rustie Lee as friends of swingers Donald and Jacqueline and Joan Collins will play Crystal Hennesy-Vas (CEO of the Solana Hotel Group).

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