Tuesday, November 12

Jonathan Ansell Concert An Evening with the Prince

Ex G4 tenor and musical performer Jonathan Ansell is playing Prince Valiant in the pantomime Sleeping Beauty at theWatersmeet Theatre in  Rickmansworth from 6th-31st December.

He will also be performing an Evening with the Prince concert for one night only at 9:00 pm on 22nd  December. It will include popular opera, rock anthems, classic songs, show tunes and some Christmas favourites.

Jonathan has also just released a new album Two Hearts which you can find out more about and order online by clicking on the link.

Tickets for An Evening with the Prince


Unknown said...

The album Two Hearts is a wonderful album.
Once you are playing it,you will have it playing on a loop.
As for Jonathan's forthcoming concert,am sure it will be a 'magical' show
Jonathan is so talented and you be so glad that you have gone to his concert.

Anonymous said...

So agree with Natalie Jonathan's new album is wonderful. Jonathan's vocals as always are completely stunning!

Looking forward very much to an 'Evening with the Prince'

Just to add Jonathan is Prince Valiant in 'Sleeping Beauty'


Theatre Spy said...

Jonathan has got to have one of the most loyal fan bases I have come across which is well deserved.

cathyk2002 said...

Just wish I could go to this but coming from Scotland it just isn't possible as I am coming down for the Panto the week before.

Jonathan has such amaxing vocals and his personality just shines when you meet him face to face as he makes sure everyone has a bit of him before or after a show if they are waiting around.

'Two Hearts' is such an AMAZING album and so many genres coverd in it so eloquently and always a pleasure to listen to as you can make out every word that is sung, which is unusual in this day and age

I hope everyone going to the 'Evening With The Prince' has a great time and I look forward to reading reports on Jonathan Official Website www.jonathanansell.com

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