Saturday, November 30

The Sound of Musicals final episode Top Hat & Thriller Live

The final episode of the Sound of Musicals is on Channel 4 next Tuesday 3rd December at 9:00 am.

It covers the problems of keeping audiences once the show has been open for a while and the glitz and glamour of the red carpet and PR announcements have long gone.  Reasonable size audiences are needed six days a week to cover the running costs for a medium size show which can be more than a quarter of a million each week.

It illustrates how performers who replace the existing cast at the end of their contracts are important in keeping the show fresh and alive using the example of Andrew Derbyshire who is hoping to land a part in Thriller Live with just three weeks to impress the producers. He has been in Joseph and We Will Rock You, but in recent years has been doing regional tours and is now desperate to get back into the West End.

Thriller auditions are taking place to find new performers to play the role of the young Michael Jackson. They are so hard to find that the show runs a Michael Jackson Academy teaching singing, dancing and moon walking. 13 year old Kierran's  audition is good enough for him to go straight into the show, but can he overcome terrible shyness?

Top Hat is in its second year in the West End with seven nominations for the Olivier awards. The team have also been asked to perform on the live awards show to an audience of millions which is a good way boost ticket sales. But there is good and bad news for Top Hat.

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