Saturday, January 18

Hugh Jackman to star in The River on Broadway

According to the New York Post, and confirmed by the man himself, Hugh Jackman will be back on Broadway in The River by Jez Butterworth which was produced by the Royal Court Theatre in 2012.

Not surprisingly Jackman is Broadway’s No 1 box office draw and it was disappointing when he had to withdraw from the Houdini musical because of scheduling problems.

Ian Rickson’s London production starring Dominic West and Miranda Raison received favorable reviews in London's West End with the critics describing it as “Hitchcock meets Shirley Valentine. Strange, eerie, tense and, on a single viewing, slightly unfathomable.”

The 80 minute play is about a Man (nameless) who invites a Woman (also nameless) to his cabin in the woods for the weekend. He is  a fisherman and teaches her how to fish, telling her he loves her. But not all is as it seems ... especially when The Other Woman arrives.

Rickson will also direct the New York production which is set to open in early 2015, with Sonia Friedman and the Royal Court producing.

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