Thursday, January 16

John Barrowman Tickets for Superstar Dogs

John Barrowman is to present new Channel 4 daytime series called Superstar Dogs where dogs and their owners from all over the UK compete in a number of challenges and the winner being crowned at Crufts.

A dog lover pictured here with his pets Captain Jack and  Harris, Barrowman said  "I have a passion for animals, dogs in particular, so I am hugely excited to be part of a sporting event for dogs and their owners that encourages teamwork, competitive spirit and a large dose of fun and laughter! Having dogs myself, I know the determination, love and commitment you need to train them - it's not easy!"

Free tickets to be in the audience for Superstar Dogs, which is being filmed in Dock 10 on Salford Quays in Manchester,  are now being offered at the applause store

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