Monday, February 10

Open Auditions for Peter Pan Movie starring Hugh Jackman

Producers of the new Peter Pan film starring Hugh Jackman as Bluebeard are to hold an open casting call for the lead role later this month. The film is due for release in July 2015

Boys of all ethnicities aged 11 to 13 are invited to audition for the part of Peter Pan at London's Wembley Arena on 23rd February at 10:00 am. Auditionees must be no taller than 5ft 4in (165cm) an accompanied by a parent or guardian. The queue will be open from 09:00 and no one will be allowed to join after 11:00.

Warner Bros have said there would be no facilities for overnight queuing and camping at Wembley Arena is strictly prohibited.

A dedicated website has been set up for the casting with full details.

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