Sunday, March 16

Lee Mead Concert Dates

Lee Mead is currently appearing as Lofty in BBC's Casualty on Saturday nights, but he is also due to take part in a series of concerts this year where he will be performing numbers from musical theatre and some of his own personal favourites with his band.

The current dates for Lee Mead in concert are: Sherman Cymru, Cardiff/4th May: Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple/1st June: Octagon Theatre, Yeovil/29th June: Beck Theatre, Hayes/20th July: Capitol Theatre, Horsham/10th August:  G Live, Guildford/13th August:  Theatr Hafren, Newtown/20th September: Cliffs Pavilion, Southend/5th October: Arts Centre, Aberystwyth/2nd November: and West Cliff Theatre, Clacton on 16th November.

He will also be appearing at  London Hippodrome Casino as a guest at the Stephen Rahman-Hughes Concert/29th March: London Regent Hall - Salvation Army ISS Choral Spectacular/5th April: and    Littlecote House Hotel, Berkshire - Warners Star Break on 12th April

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