Wednesday, March 5

New Cast for tour of Cats

The international tour of Cats the Musical is currently in Athens and returns to the UK on 2nd April opening in Norwich.

The new cast are now in place led by Joanna Ampil as Grizabella who has returned to the show.  She will be joined by  Dawn Williams/Rumpleteazer: Clare Rickard/Jellylorum/Griddlebone: Charlene Ford/Bombalurina: Lily Frazer/Demeter: Alice Redmond/Jennyanydots: Alicia Beck/Victoria/White Cat: Natasha Mould/Jemima: Nicholas Pound/Old Deuteronomy: Ben Palmer/Munkustrap: Filippo Strocchi/Rum Tum Tugger: Joseph Poulton/Quaxo/Mistoffelees: Paul F Monaghan/ Asparagus/Bustopher Jones/Growl Tiger: Benjamin Yates/Mungojerrie: Ross Finnie/Skimbleshanks: Cassie Clare/Cassandra: Freya Rowley/Tantomile: Joel Morris/Carbucketty: Richard Astbury/Coricopat: Cameron Ball/Admetus/Macavity: Adam Lake/Alonzo and Adam Salter as Bill Bailey. With swings Ryan Gover, Barry Haywood, Alice Jane, Grace McKee, Dane Quixall and Libby Watts.

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