Wednesday, April 2

Liz Robertson Performs Songs From My Trunk at the Hippodrome

Black Sapphire Productions presents Liz Robertson in Songs From My Trunk on April 20th in the Matcham Room of The Hippodrome, Leicester Square at 6.00 pm & 9:00 pm.

Directed by Sarah Ingram with Musical Director by Chris Walker, Liz described the show :"All little girls have dreams and mine was to dance like Fred Astaire and sing like Barbra Streisand. And therein lay my problem, I was a female possessing a vocal ability more in the white soprano range, from a young age I wanted to sound like the pop stars of my era, or to be sexy, down and dirty like Ella, Nina and Cleo but there was nothing warm and smokey in my sound.

As I have aged so has my voice, reaching notes lower and deeper than I had thought possible, so now is the time to start exploring those new notes with songs that I have always desired to sing but never could without sounding ridiculous. So here we are my age!

Buy tickets for Liz Robertson in Songs From My Trunk. Ticket Prices are £15, £20, £25 and £30.

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