Friday, November 28

Ross Noble joining cast of The Producers Tour

Ross Noble is joining previously announced cast members Jason Manford and Louie Spence in the Tour of the Producers  from 18th May. He is playing Franz Liebkind who is a short tempered, carrier pigeon keeping former Nazi who has written  an admiring musical tribute to Adolf Hitler, titled Springtime for Hitler.

Noble is  award-winning comedian, king of improvisational comedy and actor who rose to  popularity through making appearances on celebrity quiz shows including  Have I Got News for You. He has also released DVDs of several of his 14 sell-out worldwide tours.  His previous acting credits include playing Stitch the clown in a horror comedy movie of the same name. But this is the first time he will have appeared in a musical.

Noble said "“It’s going to be a lot of fun. Jason and I are in a very similar position. We worked together on the circuit, and then what happens is once you start doing your own tours, you don’t get to hang out with other comics the same way you used to.So it’s funny that we’re working together again, but in a completely different context. If you’re going to branch out and do stuff a little left field, you should properly take people by surprise. I think it’s quite funny, I’ll make horror films, I’ll do musicals. Don’t follow the usual path!I love The Producers. And I thought, the chance to be in that show, and especially the part I’m doing, a mad German who has written this show, Springtime For Hitler, and wears this mad helmet all the way through, is great.And I get to do an outrageous German accent, too.


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