Saturday, January 24

2015 Copacabana Tour starring Jimmy Osmond Cancelled

A tour of the musical Copacabana planned for 2015 has been completely cancelled. The 2014 leg of the musical, starring Jon Lee, was cancelled before the end of its run with performers, musicians and suppliers  owed money and  Equity and the Musicians’ Union announcing they were taking legal action against production company Dancing Fool Theatrical.

In a statement, Dancing Fool has now said that paying people from the 2014 leg was the “optimum priority” and added that continuing with plans for a 2015 tour would not “allow the required substance to resolve this matter swiftly-Therefore the decision to cancel the remaining engagements, even with strong advance sales, is deemed the correct step to move forward. Despite the best efforts of all involved continually working to keep the production moving forward, it has reached the point where certain criteria could not be met and regrettably the production cannot be mounted for 2015.”

The statement added that the producers, including Antony Stuart-Hicks, “would like to sincerely apologise to the cast, crew, musicians and the many fans of this iconic show that had been greatly excited by its planned revival”. The Fairfield Halls in Croydon and St Helens Theatre Royal had already cancelled planned runs of the show. but  Jimmy Osmond who was due to appear in the production, has still  not been contacted by the producers about its future.

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