Thursday, January 15

Anne Emery leaves Billy Elliott

85-year-old actor Ann Emery announced her retirement from the musical Billy Elliott last week after10 years. She has revealed back  problems forced her to leave the production sooner than she would have liked.

Emery said the decision was taken sadly after suffering pain in her back and realising that she could not commit 100% to the role.“They did not want me to go, but I couldn’t do it anymore, which is rather sad. You can’t battle on, otherwise you might do something serious, which is silly, It was a case of having to say goodbye and not being able to do what I wanted to do. I am an old pro, from a long line of professionals, but you know yourself better than anyone, and I just couldn’t give it the pizzazz that was needed.

She has been replaced in the production as Grandma by Gillian Elisa, who has previously alternated the role with Emery.

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