Friday, February 6

Hugh Jackman new one man show

Hugh Jackman has been appearing   in Jez Butterworth’s mysterious play “The River” at Circle-in-the-Square on Broadway which ends on Sunday.

And he’s already planning his next stage venture which is a new one-man show.  He smashed box offices records in 2011 at the Broadhurst Theatre in “Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway”  which was a tour de force  of song, dance and jokes.  (There were rumours that Robert Fox was transferring the show into the West End for a few performanes but Jackman's Les Miserables heavy filming commitments meant that unfortunately it did  not happen).

The new show is going to emphasize dance. He said “I want to do something that’s going to challenge me in a different way,” he tells me. “And, as a 46-year-old guy, I realize there are limited years left for the kind of dancing I want to do, to push myself as far as I can go.

Jackman is a real showman and is working on the new project with Warren Carlyle (who once assisted choreographer Susan Stroman and staged “Back on Broadway)who he met on a revival of “Oklahoma!” when he played  played Curly at the National in London.

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