Wednesday, November 11

Cast announced for revival of Loserville

Casting is announced for the revival of Loserville which has previews from 2nd December (opening 4th December)  at The Union Theatre, running to 20th December, 2015.

Loserville has Book, Music & Lyrics by Elliot Davis and James Bourne, and is directed by Michael Burgen, Choreography by Matt Krzan, Musical Direction by Dan Jarvis, Lighting Design by Tim Deiling and Produced by Sasha Regan.

It’s 1971. Michael Dork may be a computer geek but he’s invented something that could change the world. He’s also discovered girls: a prospect (almost) as exciting as his love of binary.
Holly is the girl: she has looks and brains and wants to be the first woman in space – well, this is 1971! But will she want Michael?
 Michael and his sci-fi obsessed, social-misfit friends, Lucas, Francis and Marvin are all set to change the course of history, fashion and dating – in no particular order, but just as soon as possible, especially the dating bit.

The cast includes:Joshua Wyatt (Matilda, West End) as Michael Dork: Holly-Anne Hull (Loserville, Union Theatre) as Holly Manson: Kate Leiper as Leia Dawkins:Shane Gibb as Lucas Lloyd: Max Panks as Marvin Camden: Gareth Evans as Francis Weir: James Sinclair as Eddie Arch: Leo Sene as Huey Phillips; Thomas Cotran as Wayne Pagoda; Kimberley Powell (Mamma Mia- International Tour) as Samantha Powden; Charlotte Reavey as Elaine Friend with  Christopher Tindai, Simon Gravino, James Wakeling, RemySweeney, Abby-Rose Bryant, Chantel Bellew, Sian Nathaniel-James, Katy Stephens. 

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