Wednesday, January 6

Glenn Close hopefully starring in new Sunset Boulevard Movie

Hollywood and Broadway star Glenn Close opens as Norma Desmond in the ENO's Sunset Boulevard at London's Coliseum this April for a strictly limited 5 week season. But if you don't manage to catch it there are plans for her to star in a movie version of the musical which  is in the works, according to the Evening Standard.

Writer and lyricist Christoper Hampton revealed "we are looking down the line to make a movie of it later. When we first did Sunset Boulevard it was somehow still too close to the original. Now you have to ask yourself and find a director who would ask 'What is there about this story that was made so perfectly in 1950 that justified me doing it again?' "

A far as  Close starring  he added: "It is not my decision but as far as I'm concerned that is what I'm thinking. We've just had a series of talks with Paramount so everything is in place and hopefully we can get it done while Glenn is in London."

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