Monday, February 22

Full cast announced for Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard started rehearsals today as the full cast was announced.  Joining the previously announced Glenn Close as Norma  Desmond , Michael Xavier as Joe Gillis, Fred Johanson as Max von Mayerling with Siobhan Dillon as script editor Betty Schaefer are Anna Woodside as Hedda Hopper and Emily Bull as Hedy Lamarr,  Julian Forsyth as Cecil B DeMille, Mark Goldthorp as Sheldrake, Fenton Gray as Manfred, Haydn Oakley as Artie Green and James Paterson as Jonesy.

Further company members include Carly Anderson, Michelle Bishop, Jacob Chapman, Nadeem Crowe, Cornelia Farnsworth, Ria Jones, Katie Kerr, Aaron Lee Lambert, Matthew McKenna, Jo Morris, Tanya Robb, Ashley Robinson, Vicki Lee Taylor, Gary Tushaw, Adam Vaughan and Stuart Winter.

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