Friday, April 15

Full Casting announced for The Go Between starring Michael Crawford

As  already reported, Michael Crawford is shortly to return to the London Stage in the  new musical,The Go-Between.

Other casting news so far is that he will be joined by Stuart Ward who played the lead role of Guy in Once the Musical on Broadway and Gemma Sutton, who replaced Lara Pulver in Gypsy opposite Imelda Staunton, who play a pair of illicit lovers Ted and Marian which  the younger version of Crawford’s character acts as a go between in their affair. Issy Van Randwyck will play Mrs Maudsley, one of the disapproving parents

The young Leo Colston will be played in alternation by Luka Green, William Thompson and Johnny Evans Hutchison.  The res of the cast are Mr Maudsley / 1st Cover Colston – Julian Forsyth, Trimingham – Stephen Carlile, Denys – Silas Wyatt-Barke, Stanton / Leo’s Mother / Eulalie – Jenni Bowden, Henry With 1st Cover Ted / 2nd Cover Denys / 2nd Cover Trimingham – John Addison, Marcus 1 – Archie Stevens, Marcus 2 – Matty Norgren, Marcus 3 – Samuel Menhinick, Understudy With 1st Cover Mrs Maudsley / 1st Cover Leo’s Mother / 2nd Cover Marian – Jane Quinn
Understudy With 1st Cover Marian / 2nd Cover Leo’s Mother – Jessica Duncan
Understudy With 1st Cover Mr Maudsley / 2nd Cover Colston – Robert Traynor
Understudy With 1st Cover Denys / 1st Cover Trimingham / 2nd Cover Ted – Michael Colbourne

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