Wednesday, April 6

Line Up Announced for Sunday at the Musicals

Sunday at the Musicals is a special one-night concert being produced by Paul Burton Productions and directed by Carole Todd in aid of the Royal Variety Charity. It will be held at the St James's Studio on Sunday 5th June at 7:30 pm and will feature female singers performing songs from past and present musicals, accompanied by Michael Haslam at the piano.

Hosted by Caroline Dennis the company includes: BrontĂ© BarbĂ©, Natasha J. Barnes, Helena Blackman, Suanne Braun, Emily Jane Brooks, Sabrina Carter, Samantha Dorsey, Alice Fearn, Lori Haley Fox, Katie Rowley Jones, Margaret Keys, Joanna Kirkland, Sarah O’Connor, Liza Pulman, Emma Ralston, Amy Ross, Rachel Stanley, Carly Thoms, Rebecca Trehearn, Marti Webb, Shona White, Lucy Williamson and Pippa Winslow

Tickets for Sunday at the Musicals

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