Wednesday, January 11

Cast for the new 10th Anniversary Tour of Dreamboats & Petticoats

The the new 10th Anniversary tour of Dreamboats & Petticoats starts at Windsor Theatre Royal on 25th January.

The cast has just been announced with Jimmy Johnston as Phil/Older Bobby: Alistair Higgins as Bobby: Alistair Hill as Norman: Elizabeth Carter as Laura: Laura Darton as Sue: Gracie Johnson as Donna;:David Luke as Ray: Henry Alexander as Colin: Jay Osborne as Richard: Rob Gathercole as Jeremy: Lauren Chinery as Babs: Josh Tye as Derek: Sheridan Lloyd as Andy: Billy Stookes as Barry: Mike Lloyd as Frank/Slugger: Chloe Edwards-Woods as Daisy/Brenda: Alan Howell as Eric and Stephanie Hackett as ASM/Swing

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