Thursday, February 8

Rob Brydon, Bertie Carvel, Patricia Hodge, Miles Jupp, Jim Carter and Jane Asher in Richard Stilgoe's Orpheus-the Mythical

Richard Stilgoe's Orpheus - The Musical will be performed by students and alumni from the Arts Educational School at The Other Palace Theatre from 26th-31st March with special guests including Rob Brydon, Bertie Carvel, Patricia Hodge, Miles Jupp, Jim Carter and Jane Asher  making  one-off cameo appearances playing the role of the Greek Chorus on different nights.

Directed by Katie Beard, Richard Stilgoe's musical is a retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus (whose voice was able to charm anything and anyone that heard it). To celebrate the Orpheus Trust’s 20th birthday, they are presenting Orpheus’ voyage to find the golden fleece and his doomed journey down to Hades to rescue his wife Euridice, while battling the efforts of the bored and wilful gods and an unreliable satnav. 

Stilgoe founded the Orpheus Trust in 1998 in order to inspire young disabled people to have greater independence through performing arts experiences. The Orpheus Centre offers students the chance to stay for up to three years, with the students being aged between 18 and 25 and having learning and/or physical disabilities. He said: "The whole purpose of Orpheus is to mix young disabled people with the real world and not separate them. These are terrific and confident performers who concentrate on what they can do rather than what they can't. "

Tickets for Orpheus-the Mythical

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