Monday, October 1

Adèle Anderson of Fascinating Aïda joins cast of Dr Dolittle Tour

The final cast member  has been announced for the tour of Doctor Dolittle  which opens in Bromley on  9th November. 

Joining Mark Williams, who is playing the tile role,  is Adèle Anderson, of Fascinating Aïda, playing Lady Bellowes/Poison Arrow at the first six venues of the tour – Bromley, Salford, Oxford, Wolverhampton, Newcastle and Hull.As previously announced, they will be joined by  Brian Capron, Vicky Entwistle (Richard Hillman and Janice Batersby from Cornoation Street) Mollie Melia-Redgrave and Patrick Sullivan . Brian will play Albert Blossom/Straight Arrow, Vicky is  Polynesia, Mollie is Emma Fairfax and Patrick is Matthew Mugg. Brian Capron and Mark Williams will appear from 9 November – 4 May at Bromley, Salford, Oxford, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Hull, Aberdeen, Northampton, Nottingham and  Sheffield only. Vicky Entwistle will play the full tour dates.

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