Friday, October 19

More casting news for film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats starring Dame Judi Dench

Updated 2 November: Royal Ballet principal dancer Francesca Hayward is to play Victoria (the white cat) who acts as a liaison to the different breeds of cat who gather in a junkyard ruled over by Old Deuteronomy,

Dame Judi Dench is to play Old Deuteronomy, ancient leader of the Jellicle tribe,  in the film version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats - 40 years after injury saw her withdraw from the original production after she tore her Achilles tendon when she was due to play the faded glamour puss Grizabella  and Elaine Paige stepped into the role.  She will appear  in the Tom Hooper directed film with a star studded cast so far including Jennifer Hudson/Grizabella , Idris Elba/Macavity the Mystery Cat, Sir Ian McKellen/gus the theatre cat, James Corden and Taylor Swift.

The movie has a shceduled release dae for 20th December 2019 with rehearsals for the large ensemble of singers and dancers  already under way.  Dame Judi  is due to join them in a couple of weeks. But first she will get her singing voice in shape and learn the songs with Lord Lloyd Webber and screenwriter Lee Hall currently discussing how to update her verses, as the part was originally written for a man (Brian Blessed in the original production).

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