Friday, December 14

More detailed casting news for Cats the Movie

More principal cast members and their roles have just officially been revealed for the big screen adaptation of Cats which is currently due to open December 20th , 2019.   Production began this week at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire.

The big star names confirmed so far with the roles they will be playing are:

Judi Dench/Old Deuteronomy (wise, ancient leader of the Jellicle tribe)
Ian McKellen /Gus The Theatre Cat (short for Asparagus who was once a famous actor but is now old and suffers from palsy with shaking paws )
Idris Elba/Macavity the Mystery Cat (A notorious criminal known as The Napoleon of Crime)
Rebel Wilson/Jennyanydots The Old Gumbie Cat (Who is lazy and  spends her days seeking out the warm and sunny spots where she sits, and sleeps but at night rules the mice and cockroaches forcing them to undertake helpful functions and creative projects, to curb their naturally destructive habits.)
James Corden/Bustopher Jones (A fat cat respected by all, as the upper-class "St. James's Street Cat", described as "the Brummell of cats" due to his immaculate black and white coat, which resembles a tuxedo and spats)
Taylor Swift / Bombalurina (A red queen with an interest in the Rum Tum Tugger. She sings Macavity with Demeter and is part of the Gumbie trio with Jellylorum and Demeter.)
Jennifer Hudson/Grizabella (former "glamour cat", ostracised by the Jellicles, who has lost her sparkle and now only wants to be accepted and sings the iconic "Memory")
Jason Derulo/Rum Tum Tugger (flashy rebel, rock `n roll street cat)
Robert Fairchild/Munkustrap (A tabby tomcat who is storyteller and protector of the Jellicle tribe, Old Deuteronomy's second-in-command and show's main narrator.  )
Francesca Hayward/Victoria the white kitten (featured dancer with solo  "Invitation to the Jellicle Ball" and  the first character to touch Grizabella
Steven McRae/Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat (active orange tabby cat, who lives on the trains and   is considered  indispensable to the train and station employees)
Mette Towley/Jemima (kitten who becomes the first cat to accept Grizabella when she sings alongside her in Memory and  a solo during The Moments of Happiness.)
NaoimhMorgan as Rumpleteazer who sometimes joins the other kittens as they swoon over Rum Tum Tugger.(she also played the role in the international tour)
Laurie Davidson /ensemble

The Tom Hooper-directed production is using a new technology to transform cast members into a vivid new vision of their characters.
Tony-winning choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler (Hamilton: An American Musical, In the Heights, Bandstand), who also choreographed the 2016 stage revival of Cats is working with some strong dancers including hip hop dance sensation Larry and Laurent Bourgeiois (aka Les Twins); former principal dancer for the New York City Ballet and Tony-nominated actor Robbie Fairchild (An American In Paris); former soloist of The Royal Ballet Eric Underwood; M√ętte Towley, a member of Pharrell Williams’ acclaimed dance troupe The Baes and Steven McRae, principal of The Royal Ballet.



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