Thursday, February 6

New Indecent Proposal Musical

A brand new musical based on the novel Indecent Proposal will open at Southwark Playhouse on 29 May, where it will run until 27 June.

Jacqui Dankworth (Into the Woods) will appear in the show as Annie with Norman Bowman (42nd Street) as Jonny, Rebecca's husband. The performers playing the roles of Rebecca and Larry are to be announced.

The plot of Jack Engelhard's tale follows a married woman, Rebecca, who is offered a million dollars by a strange man to spend the night together. It was turned into a hit film in 1993, starring Demi Moore and Robert Redford.Atlantic City. 1988: Jonny and Rebecca are very much in love and very much in debt. He’s a struggling singer-songwriter, she works part-time at the casino and for a local charity. They struggle to make ends meet but they’re happy and that’s enough. Or is it? When wealthy stranger Larry Harris arrives in town and offers Rebecca a million dollars to spend a night with him, will the lure of money outweigh the promise of fidelity? Will Rebecca accept Larry’s indecent proposal? Will her marriage survive if she doesn’t? Will Jonny stick around if she does?

Indecent Proposal is a chamber musical with a dynamic and fast-paced narrative and a moving and exciting score. While staying true to book’s setting of Atlantic City in the 1980s, it reimagines the work through the lens of the current social and political climate, allowing audiences to consider what they would do in a similar situation, whilst they watch this couple grapple with the fallout from a stranger’s proposition.

Indecent Proposal is directed by Charlotte Westenra with book and lyrics by Michael Conley, music by Dylan Schlosberg and produced by Neil Marcus. The production has musical direction by John Reddel, set and costume design by Anna Kelsey, lighting design by Hartley Kemp and movement by Jane McMurtrie.

Tickets for Indecent Proposal are now on sale

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