Monday, October 25

Monica Bellucci to perform Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs for one night only in London

Actress Monica Bellucci is to  appear in the West End for one night only at Her Majesty's Theatre on the revised date of Sunday, 24th April 2022. 

Tom Volf will direct her in a performed set of readings from Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs, a new book that delves into the life of the American-born Greek opera legend who  rose from a modest upbringing in New York and war-time Athens to become one of the most recognised opera performers of a generation, though her experiences were marred by scandal.

Italian actress Bellucci has appeared in some of the most recognised films of the last few decades, including Francis Ford Coppola's' Dracula, The Apartment, The Passion of Christ, two Matrix movies and, more recently, James Bond adventure Spectre.

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