Sunday, February 6

Richard Fleeshman in a new ITV2 comedy called Deep Heat.

Former Coronation Street, Broadway and London musical theatre star Richard Fleeshman (Legally Blonde, Ghost, Urinetown, Damsel in Distress, The Last Ship) has been  cast in  a new ITV2 comedy called Deep Heat which is due to begin  in March

The show follows a North-West pro-wrestling company called Boss Pro run by rebellious wannabe wrestler Holly (Jahannah James), who has most of her top performers poached by her brother Nick Nitro (Fleeshman).

Pippa Haywood - known for Green Wing and The Brittas Empire - plays the siblings' despairing mother Pam, while others on the cast include Paul Olima, Alistair Petrie, Max Olesker, Ivan Gonzalez and Sharon Rooney. Guest stars across the six episodes include Matt Lucas, John Thomson, Ben Ashenden and Carla Langley.

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