Thursday, May 26

Cast for the recording of Heathers the Musical

The cast has been announced for the recording of Heathers the Musical  project with Steam Motion and Sound.

The cast for the filmed production are Ailsa Davidson (Veronica Sawyer), Simon Gordon (Jason "J.D" Dean), Maddison Firth (Heather Chandler), Vivian Panka (Heather Duke), Teleri Hughes (Heather McNamara), Vicki Lee Taylor (Ms. Fleming/Veronica's Mom), Mhairi Angus (Martha Dunnstock), Liam Doyle (Kurt Kelly), Rory Phelan (Ram Sweeney), Oliver Brooks (Kurt's Dad/Big Bud Dean/Coach Ripper), Andy Brady (Ram's Dad/Principle Gowan/Veronica's Dad), Benjamin Karran (Beleaguered Geek), Chris Parkinson (Hipster Dork/Officer McCord), Jermaine Woods (Peppy Stud/Officer Milner), Eleanor Morrison Halliday (Young Republicanette), Mary-Jean Caldwell (Stoner Chick), Hannah Lowther (New Wave Party Girl) and May Tether (Drama Club Drama Queen)

Performances at The Other Palace were not on sale from 3 - 19 May to allow for filming to take place ahead of a future release. They  resumed on Friday 20 May and will run through to 4 September 2022.

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