Monday, June 6

Pretty Woman extends West End run and welcomes new cast members

Pretty Woman stars Aimie Atkinson and Danny Mac have extended their respective runs as Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis through to 13 November 2022.

Rachael Wooding, Bob Harms and Mark Holden will also remain with the company until that date as Kit De Luca, Happy Man/Mr Thompson and James Morse, respectively.

From 14th June, current cast member John Addison is set to take on the role of Philip Stuckey, while new company members starting on the same date include Becky Anderson, Matt Bateman, Robertina Bonano, Georgia Kleopa, Elishia Edwards, Helen Hill, Kurt Kansley, Curtis Patrick and Hassun Sharif.

The West End cast is completed by Jemma Alexander, Andy Barke, Patrick Barrett, Alex Charles, Ben Darcy, Hannah Ducharme, Tom Andrew Hargreaves, Antony Hewitt, Elly Jay, Matt Jones, Annabelle Laing, Will Luckett, Cilla Silvia and Charlotte Elisabeth Yorke.

 The show has extended its run and is now booking until 28 January 2023

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