Saturday, October 3

No More “Mamma Mia”

The hottest ticket on Broadway at the moment – there aren’t any to be had – is for “Hot in the City” starring two of the most highly fuelled male testosterone actors you could wish for – Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman.

As you can imagine everyone who is everyone in the business is going along to see it and recently spotted were the Abba songwriters Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus who stated quite categorically there would be no sequel to Mamma Mia. This is despite the fact that is was the UK’s highest-grossing movie, and Meryl Streep has mentioned that she would love to be reunited with Julie Walters, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth for a follow-up.

Seems unlikely as Benny says he won’t permit even his back music catalogue to be used in a sequel. Obviously doesn’t need the money!

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