Tuesday, January 26

Bid to scrap free evening parking in London’s West End

In yet another money making bid Westminster City Council is looking to scrap free evening parking from Monday to Saturday in central London. This would mean that theatregoers would be banned from leaving cars on single yellow lines and forced to pay at meters until midnight rather than 18:30.  Meter costs could also be as much as doubled in some zones.

The plan is being strongly opposed by a number of organisations with restaurants, theatres and shop owners predicting the increased costs would stop people coming into town and hit trade hard.

Westminster Council has a budget black hole of £22 million and while it is illegal for councils to increase parking charges primarily to raise revenue an official memo has asked council officials “to look more closely at parking and community safety to find reductions or additional income. Parking and community safety have been earmarked to contribute the majority of the £14 million of the money that needs to be found”

Westminster Council cabinet has approved the parking proposals for further consideration.

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