Saturday, February 27

New Career for John Barrowman on QVC?

Musical theatre performer John Barrowman hosted yesterday afternoon’s QVC shopping channel as only he can.  I have to say he was so over the top as usual that he came across as brilliant with his own QVC membership card which he seems to use to buy everything that QVC sells.

He turned up at the studio dressed in QVC clothes and during the hour he was on demonstrated the best way to use certain cleaning accessories and became very enthusiastic about duvet sets with a high thread count.  He even sealed his CDs in a Lock & Lock tub and submerged them in water.

There is clearly nothing this man won't do for publicity. QVC now have a huge problem on how they can top his performance. American home-shopping channels use stars like Marie Osmond, Paula Abdul and P Diddy but the UK is still long way from these dizzy heights!

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