Saturday, February 27

New Bernadette Peters Film “Coming Up Roses"

The fabulous Tony Award winner Bernadette Peters is in a new film “Coming Up Roses” where she plays a musical comedy performer who has always appeared in summer shows and second rate tours. She has 15 and 21 year old daughters – the eldest of which can’t wait to get married and move away from mother.

The film starts shooting in the Queen District of New York on 1st March and the producers are Belladonna Productions (best known for "Transamerica" which received two Academy Award nominations in 2006). The new film seems to pay homage to Miss Peters' last Broadway show which was Sam Mendes’ revival of Gypsy. Even the film’s title sounds like one of the numbers from the Sondheim-Styne score.

Miss Peters is also due to appear in a number of benefit concerts celebrating Stephen Sondheim's 80th birthday.

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